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Manjak Collective is a Belgian based platform focusing on (audiovisual) arts, music and (board)sports. Combining these three aspects into one results in a one of a kind outcome of creativity, endurance and action. We provide a well organised and connected platform for all those who are building there own artistic of athletic dream by creating opportunities to be seen and heard.

We'll collaborate with graphic designers, illustrators and other artists to create shirts, prints and deck designs, to be seen at exhibitions, skate demo's or surf contests. Producers can get in touch with us for the design of a album cover or the other way around. Athletics are given a platform to show of their skills and get hooked up with our own collection.

Upcoming talent can get in touch with a brief portfolio and

motivation at hello@manjak.be. Don't be shy, it's worth the try!

Lorenzo De Bouvere

Lorenzo is the founding father of Manjak. Growing up in Zeebrugge and living in De Haan; he's a well known local rider from the Belgian coast.


Niels Benoot

Niels graduated as Master in graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine
Arts Ghent and is co-founder but also
creative director of Manjak and a dedicated longboard surfer.


Birger Deconinck

Birger is a skate- and snowboarder for decades and picked up surfing for a while now. Find him and his son at the local skatepark in Blankenberge.



Ape Face is a Belgian street-artist mainly working with printed matter. Normally he's pasting posters at night, but we invited him as a guest-designer to co-design some decks and fabrics.

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