Chez nu: Underground House purists
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Chez nu: Underground House purists

Bijgewerkt: 13 nov 2018

I met these guys last summer at a all nighter at Mommy's Bastards in Ostend and ever since there's an everlasting respect and interest going both ways. These guys make your night and let you forget every problem and let you slip into the mood to just dance and have an all nighter.

Early 90's disco / no nonsense Chicago house/ Deep House / Funk/ Olskool Deep House / Dubby space disco / Tech House

Miauw Miauw (Benny) & (Mike) dE Mont Blanc have known each other for at least a decade. Living in the same winter sleepy seaside town in Belgium, they always admired the others musical achievements, but never had the time to work together, 'till now..

"It was now or never, because next time I'll be an old fart",

dixit dE Mont-Blanc laughing.

But serious...

This thing is different : it's not about just staring at dj's like the new generation performers and sync your premade mix to - must admit- often awesome lightshows through midi setups. No It's about bringing the vibe, the atmosphere back from clubbing, like it was ment to be.

Enjoying the music and the people surrounding you,

with dj's you would like to , hell, maybe even drink a coffee

with in the afternoon, listening to some vinyl, at their place,

the feeling you have when you're: 'Chez nu'

'chez nous' translates from French meaning 'at our place' or '...where we come from', or '... as we do things (back home)' .

It's a state of mind, a genre of people, interconnectivity,

and often no words needed.

But the most important: music feeds your soul!

For bookings you can contact them at their Facebook Fan-page our by e-mail at bookings@cheznu.be.

Other links:

Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Bandsintown & Official website

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