Manjak team gathered up to test the Need Essentials wetsuits in France.
  • Lorenzo De Bouvere

Manjak team gathered up to test the Need Essentials wetsuits in France.

During the Quicksilver Pro competition in Seignosse-Hossegor (FR) the Manjak riders teamed up to test the Need Essentials wetsuits. We first heared from Need Essentials from some locales who had these super-cheap but descent wetsuits with no logo, no fancy design nor prints but these suits would really pulled it off.

We bought our team the Mens 4/3 fast dry chest zip wetsuit going on €220, which is a tight price for a full wetsuit. We asked the Ryan Scanlon from Need Essentials how they can clock off at such a great price for these wetsuits;

After a lifetime surfing and designing products for surfers I felt there were so many extra things added to products and marketing that cost more, to both the customer and the environment that don't actually make products any better.
So I founded a different kind of company. One based on the value that less is more. A company that doesn’t promote overconsumption or try to convince you to buy more than you need. The concept for needessentials was born from my own desire to consume less and live simply. It’s about not wasting resources on what is not important. The concept is to have less but to have what is well made, what is premium, what is timeless and useful at its core.
By letting go of things like branding, packaging, retail mark ups and expensive advertising campaigns needessentials can make premium surf products more accessible to surfers. This way, what surfers can save by buying only what is needed in a product they can spend on what is important in their own lives. It is about having less stuff and more freedom.
We are dedicated to providing you with premium wetsuits, wetsuit accessories and products at the best possible prices, so we only invest in what is important.
By forgoing all non essentials like branding, packaging, retail mark ups, middle men and expensive marketing campaigns needessentials can make you a world class, premium wetsuit at a fraction of the cost of other wetsuit brands.

These suits really pulled the trick. Gone are the days of sacrificing one desirable trait in light of another. The 4/3 is lightweight and warm. Durable and flexible. Easy to get on and it dries fast. It’s killing two birds with one stone because if no cold water can get in, you’re going to remain toasty without the added weight water provides if it does sneak its way in. Because the thing about surfing is you’re constantly on the move. So it’s very rare that you’ll be able to sit on your board and remain in the same spot. Waves don’t tend to break at the exact position repetitively – unless you’re surfing a wave-generating pool. Sure, you can argue point breaks have the same take off zone, but the truth is, you’re going to paddling left, right, up and down to find that perfect area the wave hits. Thus, it’s important to feel light in a wetsuit, but also warm so your body doesn’t tense up.

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