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Bijgewerkt: 24 aug 2018

Our first guest in a serie of collaborations with artists is APEFACE. He has been active as a street-artist for years now mainly focusing on large poster prints and stickers. We found him at night pasting a billboard with his art and invited him.

When we first met him he told us that he already made soms deck designs and some clothing like silkscreened shirts and embroidered caps, but for our collab he would take it next level to do something whole new with it.

He send us some artwork and pictures you would never see of his work. No website, no Facebook, no Instagram, no nothing. The only way you can see some of his work is on the streets, or if you bought a zine or a book of him at some of his exhibitions in the past few years. We are planning a republishing of his book with added material in the spring of '19, but for now, here's some of his work.

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